{75+} Windows Mail Shortcut keys- {A Huge List}

Windows Mail: Windows mail was launched on 29 July 2015. This was developed by Microsoft Corporation. The function of this platform is to send and receive mail.  This was developed for Windows Vista and windows later versions. So in this guide, we are going to see about Windows Mail Shortcut keys- {A Simple List} in detail with their functions and features. To navigate and set up easily, these shortcut keys are very helpful. Let’s get into this guide to more about those shortcuts. If you want to get to know more shortcuts for apps, games, browsers, and so on, check out our website.

Windows Mail Logo
Windows Mail Logo

Last updated on Oct 04, 2021.

Windows Mail Shortcut keys- {A Simple List}

Windows Mail Shortcut keys for Main Windows:

Shortcut keys Action
Ctrl+M To send and receive an email, use this shortcut key.
Ctrl+N Use this shortcut key to Open or post a new message.
Ctrl+Shift+B To open a contact, use this key.
This key is to delete the email message.
Ctrl+R In order to reply to the author, use this shortcut key.
Reply to all shortcut key.
Ctrl+F  To forward a message use this shortcut key.
Ctrl+Shift+F It finds a message you were looking for.
Ctrl+P To print a selected message, use this key.
Ctrl+> To go to the next message in the list, use this shortcut key.
Ctrl+< Use this key to Go to the previous message in the list.
Alt+Enter This key is to view the selected message’s properties.
Ctrl+U To Go to the next unread email message, use this key.
Ctrl+Shift+U To Go to the next unread newsgroup conversation, use this shortcut key.

More Main Windows Shortcut keys:

Shortcut keys Function
Ctrl+O Or
This key is to open a selected message.
Ctrl+Enter Or
To mark a message as read, use this key.
T In order to move between the message list, Folders list, and preview pane.
Ctrl+W To Go to a newsgroup, use this shortcut key.
For to expand a newsgroup conversation, use this key.
To Collapse, a newsgroup conversation, use this shortcut key.
Ctrl+Shift+A To Mark, all newsgroup messages as read, use this key.
Ctrl+J This key is to Go to the next unread newsgroup or folder.
Ctrl+Shift+M Use this key to download newsgroup messages for offline reading.
Ctrl+I To Go to your Inbox, use this key.
Ctrl+Y To Go to a folder, use this key.
F5 This key is to refresh newsgroup messages and headers.

Windows Mail Shortcut keys for Message window:

Shortcut key Function
Esc To Close a message, use this key.
This is to find a text.
F7 Check spelling shortcut key.
Ctrl+Shift+S To insert a signature, use this key.


It will send a message or post it to a newsgroup.
Ctrl+Tab In order to switch between the Edit, Source, and Preview tabs when working in Source Edit view, use this key.
F1 To get open help topics, use this key.
Ctrl+A For to select all messages or text within a message, use this key.


In this guide, we have seen the Windows Mail Shortcut keys in detail with its features. To know more about shortcuts for browsers, apps, and games, visit our website. If you have any suggestions or questions regarding this article, let us know in the comment section, we will update it to you shortly.

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