{60+} Cheatsheets for Xodo using keyboard – Quick Shortcuts!!

Xodo: It allows you to edit, annotate, sign and share PDF files. It works on desktop, mobile, and web. In this article, we will guide you to learn about the List of Cheatsheets for Xodo using the keyboard. Let’s get into this article.!!

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Xodo Logo

Last updated on Aug 03, 2021.

Download Xodo Shortcuts Offline Study Here: Xodo.pdf

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Tab This key is used for the next document.
Helps with the previous document.
Ctrl+1 It is used to 5: change ink tab.
Use this key to scroll up.
Helps to scroll down.
Page Up It is used to scroll the page up.
Page Down
or Space
This key will scroll the page down.
Home Helps for the first page.
End It is used for the last page.
or Alt+
Use this key to jump back.
or Alt+
Helps to jump forward.
Ctrl+ or
Ctrl++ or
It is used to zoom in/out.
Ctrl+0 This key will reset zoom.
Ctrl+Shift++ Helps to rotate the view clockwise.
Ctrl+Shift+ It is used to rotate the view counterclockwise.
Esc Use this key to close the current menu/dialog.
Ctrl+W Helps to close the current tab.
Ctrl+Shift+W It will close the app.

Annotating shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
H This shortcut key will be the highlight.
U It is used to underline.
K Helps to strikethrough.
X Use this key to crossing out.
G It is used as a squiggly.
T Helps with a text box.
C This shortcut key will comment.
N It is used as a note.
R Helps for the rectangle.
O Use this key for oval.
F It is used for freehand.
P Helps with a pen.
D This key is used to draw.
E It is used as an eraser.
L Helps with line.
A Use this key for the arrow.
S It is used as a signature.
I Helps with the image.
Ctrl+Z This key is used to undo.
or Ctrl+Y
It is used to redo.
Ctrl+C Helps to copy.
Ctrl+X Use this key to cut.
Ctrl+V It is used to paste.
or Backspace
Helps to delete the selected annotation.
Enter This key will start editing the selected textboxes or ink.
Esc It is used to stop editing textboxes or ink.

Other shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+F Use this key to find.
Enter It is used for the next search.
Shift+Enter Helps for the previous search.
Ctrl+P This key is used to print.
Ctrl+D It will add a bookmark.

In this tutorial, we guided you to learn the List of Cheatsheets for Xodo using the keyboard easily. Hope that this article is useful to you. Share your feedback in the below comment section.

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