[60+] Cheatsheets for MediaMonkey using Keyboard

MediaMonkey: It is a media player for Windows. Its features can be extended to play video and other media formats by using plugins. MediaMonkey uses a freemium licensing model – the base program is available as freeware, but additional features like organizing files automatically can be unlocked by purchasing a premium gold license. Here we come up with a List of Cheatsheets for MediaMonkey using Keyboard to make your work simpler.

MediaMonkey Logo
MediaMonkey Logo

Last updated on July 02, 2021.

Download MediaMonkey Shortcuts Offline Study Here: MediaMonkey.pdf

General shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+P This shortcut key will play/pause.
or Ctrl+Alt+
It is used for the previous track (back).
or Ctrl+Alt+
Helps to next track (forward).
Shift+Ctrl+B Use this key to back 5 seconds.
Shift+Ctrl+N It will forward 5 seconds.
Ctrl+O Helps to stop.
Ctrl+Alt+ This key will volume up.
Ctrl+Alt+ It is used to volume Down.
Enter Helps to play (selected tracks) now (can be changed by modifying ‘Double-click action’).
Alt+Enter Use this key to play (selected track) Now – Alternate.
Ctrl+Enter It is used to play (selected tracks) after others.
Helps to play (selected tracks) next.
Shift+Enter This key will edit the properties of selected tracks.
Alt+ It is used as the advance track in the property editor.
Alt+ Helps with the previous track in the property editor.
Del Use this key to delete selected tracks (recycle bin).
Shift+Del It will permanently delete selected tracks.
Home Helps to select the first track.
End This shortcut key will select the last track.
Ctrl+A It is used to select all tracks.
or F3
Helps to search.
Ctrl+L Use this key to auto-tag from amazon.
Ctrl+T It will auto-tag from the filename.
Ctrl+R Helps to auto-organize.
Ctrl+S This key will synchronize tags.
Shift+Ctrl+R It is used to rip audio CDs.
Shift+Ctrl+C Helps to convert audio format.
Shift+Ctrl+D Use this key to burn audio CDs.
Shift+Ctrl+P It is used to save previews.
Alt+ Helps to the previous node back.
Alt+ This key will be used to the previous node forward.
Ctrl++ It will (Numpad) resize columns.
F5 Helps to refresh the view.
or Ctrl+Alt+F5
Use this key to refresh play order to match sort order (in playlist nodes).
F6 It is used to show now playing node.
or Alt+Home
Helps to show library node (collapsed).
F8 This key will show the artist’s node.
F9 It will show the albums node.
F10 Helps to show genre node.
F11 Use this key to show the year node.
Ctrl+Alt+A It is used to view album art (toggle).
Ctrl+Alt+P Helps to view properties editor (toggle).
Ctrl+Alt+L This key will view the player (toggle).
Ctrl+Alt+N It is used to view now playing dialog (toggle).
Ctrl+Alt+V Helps to view visualization (toggle).
Ctrl+Alt+E Use this key to view the equalizer (toggle).
Ctrl+Alt+M It will switch to party mode (toggle).

In this article, we have discussed a few List of Cheatsheets for MediaMonkey using Keyboard. I hope you all will get a clear idea about these shortcut keys. If you have any doubt, kindly post your comments in the comment section.

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