60+ Atlas Game shortcut keys using keyboard

Atlas: Atlas is a survival MMO game developed by Instinct Games. The game is set in a pirate world where the players fight against enemies while hunting for treasures and exploring. The goal is to live as long as possible. Atlas was released as early access in December 2018. Here we will see the complete list of Atlas Game shortcut keys using the keyboard with brief explanations.

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Atlas Logo

Last updated on June 03, 2021.

Download Atlas Shortcuts Offline Study Here: Atlas.pdf

Movement and general controls shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
W Helps to move forward.
S It is used to move backward.
A This key will strafe left.
D Helps to strafe right.
Left Shift It is used to run.
Right Shift Use this key to toggle run.
Space Helps to jump.
C This key is used to crouch.
X It will be prone.
K Helps to toggle orbit camera.
Use this key for the first-person mode.
It is used as a third-person mode.
H Helps to (hold) extended HUD info.
Backspace This key will toggle HUD.
I It will open inventory.
E Helps to use.
F Use this key to access others’ inventory.
09 It helps to use the Hotbar slot item.
M Helps to open the in-game map.
L This key is used by the company manager.
? Used as an item menu.
It will be used for the whistles menu.

Chat shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
\ Use this key to toggle the auto-hide chatbox.
Enter Helps for the global chat.
Insert It is used as a local chat.
/ This key will crew chat.
Home Helps for alliance chat.

Combat shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
It is used as a primary fire.
Helps to aim down sights.
Use this key for alternative fire.
Q It will toggle between fists and active items.
R Helps to reload the weapon.
G This key will drag the body.
Left Ctrl Used for a melee attack (player).
N Helps to toggle weapon attachment.

Building shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
This key will place the item.
E Helps to flip items.
or Z
It is used to (when placing an object) snap-point cycle.

While sailing a ship shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Left Shift+A
or Left Shift+S
Helps to rotate sails.
or S
It is used to open/close sails.
R This key will open/close gunports.
L Helps for extend/retract ladders.
O Used to turn on/off lights.

Inventory shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
O Use this key to drop items.
T It is used to transfer the stack.
Shift+T Helps to transfer items.

Here, you can learn all the simple Atlas Game shortcut keys using the keyboard with brief explanations. Hope that this article is helpful to you. If you know more shortcuts, leave them in the below comment box.

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