50+ WinRAR Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows – { Easy Shortcuts }

WinRAR Keyboard Shortcuts:

WinRAR is an encryption and archiving tool. It opens RAR and ZIP files. The below-listed shortcuts will allow you to achieve and extract the files faster and easier.


Last updated on Aug 3, 2020.

Download WinRAR Keyboard Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: WinRAR Shortcuts.PDF

File Management Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
CTRL+\ Used to Go to the root folder
Backspace It will Go back to the previous folder

File Menu Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
CTRL+O Used to Open archive
CTRL+D Used to Change drive
CTRL+P This shortcut will Set default password
CTRL+C It is used to Copy files to the clipboard
CTRL+V Used to Paste files from the clipboard
CTRL+A It is used to Select All
+ It will Select the group
Used to Deselect group
* This shortcut is used to Invert selection

Commands Menu Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Alt+A Used to Add files to archive
Alt+E it will Extract to the specified folder
Alt+T It is used to Test archived files
Alt+V Used to View file
Del It will Delete files
F2 Used to Rename the file
CTRL+I This shortcut will Print file
Alt+W Used to Extract without confirmation
Alt+M Used to Add archive comment
Alt+P It is used to Protect archive from damage
Alt+L This shortcut will Lock archive

Tools Menu Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Alt+D Used to Scan archive for viruses
Alt+Q This shortcut will Convert archives
Alt+R Used to Repair archive
Alt+X Used to Convert archive to SFX
F3 This shortcut is used to Find files
Alt+I It will show information
Alt+G Used to Generate report
Alt+B Benchmark

Favorites Menu Shortcut:

Shortcut Function
CTRL+F Add to favorites

Options Menu Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
CTRL+S Go to Settings option
CTRL+H Flat folders view in the File list
CTRL+T It will Show archive folders in the folder tree
CTRL+L View log
CTRL+E Name encoding

Help Menu Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
ALT+H Help menu
F1 Help topics
Shortcut Function
ALT+F File menu option
ALT+C Show Commands menu
ALT+S Display Tools menu
ALT+O It will show the Favorites menu
ALT+N Open Options menu

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