50+ WinNc Shortcuts For Windows- An Updated List of Keyboard Shortcut Keys!!

WinNc Keyboard Shortcuts:

WinNc is a file manager that is used to manage the files and perform multiple tasks. It provides fast access to the files which means you can easily copy, cut, move, delete, and compress the files in a small amount of time.

In this article, you will learn all the keyboard shortcuts for the WinNc file manager application.


Download WinNc Keyboard Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: WinNc Shortcuts.PDF

General Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F1 Open Help
F3 View Option
F4 Edit Option
F5 Used to Copy the Files
F6 Used to Move or Rename the Item
F7 It is used to Create Directory or Mkdir or Make Dir
F8 Used to Delete Files
F9 It will calculate the size of the selected files
F10 Quit option
F11 It is used to show Attributes
F12 Used for Compression
ALT+F1 Used to Select the File for the Left panel
ALT+F2 It is used to Select a File for the Right Panel
ALT+F4 Used to Quit
ALT+F9 It is used to Create Shortcut
ALT+F10 It will Exit Windows
Shift+F3 Used to Select External Viewer of Selected File type
Shift+F4 Helps to Edit in Notepad
Shift+F5 Used to Encrypt Files
Shift+F6 It is used to Decrypt Files
Shift+F8 Used for Delete to Trashcan
Num + Used to Add Selection
Num – It is used to Remove from Selection
Num * Used for Invert Selection
Num / It will Go Back to the Root
Backspace Used to Move Up One Directory
CTRL+Enter It will Insert the Selected Files Name on the Command line
CTRL+F12 Used to Split Files
Tab Used to Switch Between Panels
Start It will Jump to the First Letter of the File or Directory
Insert Used to Select One File Or Directory in a Panel
Enter Used to Change Directories
Enter It is used to Start an Application
Enter It will Open the Associated Program
Enter Used to Start the Command line in the Command Prompt
Enter It is used to Merge Splitted Files together
Enter Used to open the compressed file
Esc It will Exit the WinNc Viewer
CTRL+R Used to Reread Directory
CTRL+E It will Repeat the Inserted Information in the Command line
CTRL+S It will give System Information
CTRL+F Used to Find Files
CTRL+B Used to Add Directories or Files to the Backup list
CTRL+C It is used to Copy Files to Clipboard
CTRL+V This shortcut is used to Paste Files from Clipboard to Active Directory

In this article, you can learn all the keyboard shortcuts for WinNc software. If you feel this article is useful, leave your feedback/suggestions in the below comment section.

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