50+ List of ZOC.7.23 Keyboard Shortcuts ~ A Useful Guide!!

Keyboard Shortcuts for ZOC.7.23:

In this article, we will show the simple and general keyboard shortcuts for ZOC.7.23. ZOC.7.23 is a powerful and feature-rich terminal emulator for Windows and Mac OS. It is used for the modern user interface.

ZOC.7.23 Logo
ZOC.7.23 Logo

Last updated on Oct 05, 2020.

Download ZOC.7.23 Keyboard Shortcuts for Offline Study Here:

Shortcut Function
Alt+B It is used to Open show data stream viewer
Alt+C It helps to view the local typing
Alt+D This shortcut key is used to open the Host directory in the file
Alt+E Helps to open the editor
Alt+F Used to find the scroll back in the view section
Alt+H It will disconnect the file
Alt+I This shortcut key is used to view snippets
Alt+K It is used to clear the scroll buffer in the view section
Alt+L Helps to enable or disable the log to file
Shift+Alt+L It is used to set the log file name in the Logging section
Alt+O It shows the quick connection of file
Alt+P In the logging section, it will be used to printer
Shift+Alt+R Helps to print screen in the file section
Alt+R This Shortcut key is used to reconnect the file section
Shift+Alt+T It will open the new tab in the file section
Shift+Alt+W This shortcut key is used to close the tab or window in the file section
Alt+X It is used to end the program
Alt+W Helps to close the window or tab
Alt In Y view, it is used to clear the screen
Ctrl+Tab It is used to view the next tab
Ctrl+Shift+Tab It is used to view the previous tab
Shift+Esc This shortcut key is used to view the session thumbnails
Shift+Page Up Helps to scroll back from view
Alt+Page Up This key is used to scroll back as a window in the view section
Ctrl+Page Up This shortcut key is used to upload a transfer file
Ctrl+Shift+Page Up It is used to send a text file in the transfer section
Ctrl+Page Down Helps to download a transfer file
Shift+Insert Used to paste in the edit section
Alt+Insert In the edit window, it helps to paste
Alt+. In options, It opens the session profile
Alt+, This key is used to open the program settings in the options
Alt+= It is used to enable or disable split chart
Alt++ It is used to start REXX script
Alt+ Helps to stop REXX Script
Alt+* This shortcut key is used to edit the REXX Script
Alt+End It will send break

Sending Control Code Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+AZ This key will send (a-z) ^A…^Z(hex 01..hex1A)
Ctrl+Shift+AZ Helps to send (A-Z)^A…^Z (hex 01..hex 1A)
Ctrl+@orCtrl+Space It is used to send ^@ (hex 00)
Ctrl+[orCtrl+3 It helps to send ^[ (hex 1B)
Ctrl+\orCtrl+4 This shortcut key will help to send ^\ (hex 1C)
Ctrl+]orCtrl+5 It is used to send ^[ (hex 1D)
Ctrl+^orCtrl+~orCtrl+6 This shortcut key helps to send ^^(hex 1E)
Ctrl+[orCtrl+?orCtrl+7 Helps to send ^_ (hex 1F)
Ctrl+8 This key is used to send DEL (hex 7F)

From the above article, you can get to know about some general and coding keyboard shortcuts for ZOC.7.23. If these shortcuts have any mistake then leave your feedback in the comment section.

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