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Flock Browser: Flock browser is a Web browser platform that provides specialists in social networking and 2.0 has web features. Furthermore, formerly, it used the Gecko HTML rendering engine of Mozilla. To navigate easily in this browser, there are certain shortcut keys. So in this article, we are going to see about the Flock Browser Hotkeys-{Basic shortcuts} in this article.

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Last updated on Sep 22, 2021.

Flock Browser Hotkeys-{Basic shortcuts}

Keyboard shortcuts:

Shortcut keys Function
Alt+Left Arrow To go back, use this key.
F7 Caret browsing keyboard shortcut.
Ctrl+Tab To change the tab, use this key.
Ctrl+W Use this key to close the tab.
Ctrl+W This key is to close the window.
Ctrl+Return This shortcut key completes the .com address.
Shift+Return Use this key to complete the .net address.
Ctrl+Shift+Return Use this key to complete the .org address.
Ctrl+C To copy, use this key.
Ctrl+X To cut, use this keyboard shortcut key.
Ctrl+ Key to decrease the text size smaller.
Shift+Del To delete the selected autocomplete entry.
Ctrl+J To download, use this key.
Ctrl+F Find shortcut key.
F3 Find again shortcut key.
Shift+F3 To find previous, use this key.
Alt+Right Arrow To go forward, use this key

More General Shortcuts:

Shortcut Keys Function
Ctrl++ To get the text size bigger, use this key.
Ctrl+T To open a new tab, use this key.
Ctrl+N Use this key to get a new window.
Ctrl+Shift+A To open accounts and services, use this key
Ctrl+Shift+B Use this key to open Blog editor.
Ctrl+Shift+O Key to open blog post.
Ctrl+Shift+F Shortcut key to open the favorites.
Ctrl+O To open the file, use this key.
Ctrl+Shift+M For to open a media bar use this key.
Ctrl+Shift+N To open news feeds, use this key.
⌥ Option+
Shortcut key to open in new tab.
Ctrl+I This key is to open the properties dialog box.
Ctrl+Shift+U To open uploader, use this key
Ctrl+Shift+C Use this key to open the web clipboard.

General Flock Browser Hotkeys:

Shortcut Key Used to
Ctrl+I To get page info, use this key.
Ctrl+U Page source shortcut key.
Ctrl+V Paste shortcut key.
Ctrl+P To print.
Ctrl+Shift+Z Redo shortcut key.
Reload shortcut key.
Ctrl+F5 Reload (override cache) key
Ctrl+O To restore the text size, use this key.
Ctrl+S To save.
Ctrl+A This key is to select all.
To select the location bar, select this key.
This key is to select a tab (1 to 9).
Ctrl+D Star current page  shortcut key
Ctrl+Shift+D To star and tag, use this key.
Esc Stop loading the shortcut key.
Ctrl+Shift+T To get the top bar menu, use this key.
Ctrl+Z Undo shortcut key.
Ctrl+K To get a web search, use this key.

Mouse Shortcuts:

Shortcuts Function
shift+ To go back, mouse shortcut.
on tab To close the tab, use this method.
⌘ Cmd+ If you want to decrease the text size, use this key.
Shift+ Forward mouse shortcut.
on back button To get to History, use this method.
⌘ Cmd+
If you want to increase the text size, use this key.
on tab bar To get a new tab, use this mouse shortcut method.
Point to link ⌘ Cmd+
⌘ Cmd+
It opens in a background tab.
Point to link, ⌘ Cmd+Shift+

⌘ Cmd+Shift+
Open in a foreground tab.
Point to like shift+

Mouse shortcut key to open a new window.
Point to link


Save page as a shortcut key.
To scroll line by line, use this Key.


In this article, we have seen the Flock Browser Hotkeys in detail. If you have any suggestions, let us know in the comment section.

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