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Engagement CS: Engagement CS is a part of the Creative Solutions Accounting software. It is used to prepare engagements and provides functionality to link the CSA trial balance data and update your work papers in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. In this article, we are going to see the list of Engagement CS keyboard shortcut keys. Let’s get into the article!!

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Engagement CS Logo

Last updated on May 15, 2021.

Download Engagement CS Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Engagement CS.pdf

General shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F1 It is used to View help on the current field or option.
Ctrl+F1 This key will View overview help for the active window or dialog.

Editing shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+X Helps to Cut.
Ctrl+C It is used to Copy.
Ctrl+V Use this key to Paste.
Ctrl+W Helps to Edit a custom field view.
Ctrl+Z This key will Undo the last change.
Shortcut Function
Ctrl+F It is used to find a record (based on the text you specify).
Ctrl+L Helps to Search within a drop-down list for specific text or character string (Press CTRL + R to continue searching for the next instance of the character string.).
Ctrl+N Use this key to New document.
Ctrl+O It will Open engagement client.
Ctrl+P This key will Print.
Ctrl+Alt+R Helps to New review note.
Ctrl+S It is used to Open the Sign-Off dialog.
F2 Use this key to Save data and return to the previous window or dialog.
F3 Helps to Open a context menu relevant to the selected dialog or field.
F4 It will open the drop-down list attached to the current field.
F5 This key is used to Refresh the display.
Ctrl+F6 Helps to Move between open windows.
F7 It is used to Display the popup calculator (from the amount field only).
F9 Use this key to move to the previous field.
F10 Helps to Move to the next field.
End This key will Move to the last character in the current field.
Enter It is used to Press the default button.
Esc Helps to Close dialog without saving changes.
Home Use this key to move to the first character of the current field.
Ctrl+Home It will move to the first record in the window or dialog (while in Browse mode).
Ctrl+End Helps to Move to the last record in the window or dialog (while in Browse mode).
Tab This key will Move forward through fields or make a selection from the drop-down list.
Ctrl+Tab It is used to Move to the next tabbed page.
Ctrl+Shift+Tab Use this key to Move to the previous tabbed page.

From an MS Excel or MS Word work paper opened from within Engagement CS Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Alt+A Helps to Insert “N/A” notation at the cursor position.
Ctrl+Alt+G It is used to Mark as procedure completed (inserts user initials and system date at the cursor position).
Ctrl+Alt+J This key will Insert a checkmark at the cursor position.

In this article, you can understand the list of Engagement CS keyboard shortcut keys. If it is useful to you, then leave your feedback in the comment section.

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