{45+} List of Everspace 2 Game Shortcut Keys – Quick Shortcuts!!

Everspace 2: It is an open-world space shooter game developed by Rockfish Games. It’s released in January 2021. Here we have explained the List of Everspace 2 Game Shortcut Keys, let’s see them below.

Everspace 2 Logo
Everspace 2 Logo

Last updated on June 10, 2021.

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General shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Helps for fire primary weapon.
It is used as a fire secondary weapon.
This key will lock/unlock the target.
Helps for cycle primary.
Esc It is used to cancel.
F1 Use this key to help (Control Screen).
1 or
2 or
3 or
Helps to use devices.
5 or
6 or
7 or
It will use consumables.
Tab This key will open inventory.
Q Helps to roll left.
E It is used to roll right.
R Use this key for cycle secondary.
T Helps with a toggle headlight.
V It will change the camera.
Y This key will action freeze.
P Helps to pause the menu.
W It is used to move forward.
A Used to move left.
S This key will move backward.
D It will move right.
F Helps to (hold) charge cruise mode / interact.
Shift Use this key for an engine boost.
C It is used to (hold) charge travel mode.
M Helps to map.
Ctrl This key will hover down.
Alt It is used for (hold) free look.
Space Helps to hover up.
Z Use this key to enter the camera mode.

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