40+ Relativity keyboard shortcut keys – {Quick Shortcuts}

Relativity: Relativity is a cloud-based eDiscovery application with features like fact management, production, review, and analytics. It is used by corporations, governments, and law firms to manage litigation, investigations, etc. This article will guide you to learn a List of Relativity keyboard shortcut keys. Let’s get into this article!!

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Relativity Logo

Last updated on May 04, 2021.

Download Relativity Shortcut Keys for Offline Study Here: Relativity.pdf

System actions shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Alt+ Used as an Arrow Next Highlight.
Alt+ Helps for Arrow Previous Highlight.
Alt+E It is used to Switch to Long Text Mode.
Alt+End This key is used for the Last Document.
Alt+Enter Helps to Save and Next.
Alt+Home Takes to First Document.
Alt+I Use this key to Switch to Image Mode.
Alt+ It is used as an Arrow Page Up/Previous Image.
Alt+M Helps to Toggle Modes (Draft, Normal, Preview).
Alt+N Used to Switch to Native Mode.
Alt+P This key will Switch to Productions Mode.
Alt+PageDown Moves to Next Document.
Alt+PageUp Goes to Previous Document.
Alt+ Use this key for Arrow Page Down/Next Image.
Alt+S Helps to Save and Next.
Alt+Space It is used to Edit.
Alt+V This key will Switch to Viewer Mode.
Alt+Z Used to Cancel.
Shift+Alt+Z Helps to Copy from Previous.

Web browser shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+A It is used to Select all.
Ctrl+F Helps to Find.
Ctrl+P Use this key to Print.
Ctrl+T Takes to the New tab.
Ctrl+Shift+T Helps to Reopen the last tab.
Ctrl+C It will Copy.
Ctrl+X This key is used to Cut.
Ctrl+V Helps to Paste.

I hope, this article helped you to know all the List of Relativity keyboard shortcut keys. Kindly, drop your suggestions in the below comment section.

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