40+ List of GitHub Desktop Keyboard Shortcut Keys!!!

GitHub Desktop: It extends GitHub workflow beyond the web browser. It has features such as switching and creating branches, viewing uncommitted changes, seeing your history, and creating pull requests. Here, we will show the simple and useful List of GitHub Desktop Keyboard Shortcut Keys. Let’s see them below!!

GitHub Desktop Logo
GitHub Desktop Logo

Last updated on July 09, 2021.

Download GitHub Desktop Shortcuts Offline Study Here: GitHub Desktop.pdf

File menu shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+N Helps for the new repository.
Ctrl+O It is used to add the local repository.
Ctrl+Shift+O Used to clone the repository.
Ctrl+, Helps with options.

Edit menu shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Z This key will undo.
Ctrl+Y Helps to redo.
Ctrl+A It is used to select all.

View menu shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+1 Use this key to changes.
Ctrl+2 It is used for history.
Ctrl+T Helps to repository list.
Ctrl+B This key will be used for the branches list.
F11 It will toggle fullscreen.
Ctrl+0 Helps to reset zoom.
Ctrl+= Use this key to zoom in.
Ctrl+ It is used to zoom out.
Ctrl+Shift+I This key will toggle developer tools.

Repository menu shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+P Use this key to push.
Ctrl+Shift+P It is used to pull.
Ctrl+Shift+G Helps to view on GitHub.
Ctrl+` This key will open in the command prompt.
Ctrl+Shift+F It will show in explorer.
Ctrl+Shift+A Helps to open the external editor.

Branch menu shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Shift+N It is used for the new branch.
Ctrl+Shift+D This key will delete.
Ctrl+Shift+U Helps to update from the default branch.
Ctrl+Shift+B It will compare to the branch.
Ctrl+Shift+M Use this key to merge into the current branch.
Ctrl+Shift+C Helps to compare on GitHub.
Ctrl+R It is used to create a pull request.

From this tutorial, we explained all the List of GitHub Desktop Keyboard Shortcut Keys. Hope you like this article. If you know more shortcuts, Kindly share them in the below comment section.

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