[40+] Keyboard Shortcuts for OS/2 – {All Shortcuts & Hotkeys}

OS/2: The expansion of OS/2 is an IBM operating system for the personal computer. Microsoft and IBM initially created it under the leadership of IBM software. Now it was being improved and marketed exclusively by IBM. They intended to provide an alternative to Microsoft Windows for enterprise and PC users. Furthermore, it also includes a graphical user interface(GUI) with features available only on mainframe computers. In OS/2, the programs are written specifically to run under DOS or Windows.

For all that, OS/2 is popular in corporate MIS circles because of this excellent mainframe connectivity and application development tools. This detailed article will learn about Keyboard shortcuts used in OS/2. Let’s get into this article.


Last Updated on Dec30, 2021

Shortcut Keys for OS/2:

Shortcuts Functions
Space Use this key to select a current object.
Enter Make use of this key to open an object or select a menu entry.
Esc To remove the window or cancel the mouse action, use this key.
Alt+Esc Switch to the next window or full-screen session, use this key
Ctrl+Esc Displaying a list of open windows, use this key.
Ctrl+Space / Shift+Esc To display the title bar popup menu, use this key.
Del Make use of this key to delete an object.
Home Key to select the first choice.
End Use this key to select the last choice.
Alt+Backspace To undo the action, use this key.
Alt+Shift+Tab This key is used to make the desktop active and hide all open windows.
F1 For displaying a help option, use this key.
F2 This key is used to display general help, which is used for the system.
F3 To refresh the screen or exit, depending on the program, use this key.
Alt+F4 Closing the currently active window, use this key.
F6 Use this key to switch the window panels.
Alt+F6 To swap between active and help windows, use this key.
F7 To switch to buttons or back within help and view, use this key.
Shift+F8 This key is used to switch between single and multiple sections.
F9 If you want to display keys help, use this key.
Alt+F9 Key to hide active window.
Shift+F9 Editing the object title, use this key.
F10 If you want to switch to the menu bar, use this key
Alt+F10 This key is used to maximize the active window.
Shift+F10 Displaying a popup menu for the selected object, use this key.
F11 Use this key to display the help index in the help system.
Alt+Ins Creating an object in the clipboard, use this key.
Ctrl+Ins Make use of this key for copying in the clipboard.
Shift+Ins Paste from the clipboard. Use this key.
Ctrl+\ To deselect all the objects. Use this key.
Ctrl+/ For selecting all the objects. Use this key.


From this article, you can learn about the Keyboard Shortcuts for OS/2. Hope that this article is useful to you. If you have any queries/doubts, please share them with us. Thank You!

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