{40+} Avant Browser Hotkeys-{A Complete List of shortcuts}

Avant Browser: Avant browser is an Ultra-fast web browser platform. In which you can open a lot of tabs on multiple windows. Added to that, the software blocks all the pop-ups from the advertisers. Also, this software works with every multimedia feature of Internet Explorer. To make navigation easier in the browser, there are some shortcut keys. In this article, we are going to see about those Avant Browser Hotkeys.

Avant Browser Logo
Avant Browser Logo

Last updated on Sep 20, 2021.

Avant Browser Hotkeys-{A List of shortcuts}

General shortcuts:

Shortcut keys Used to
Alt+Enter This key automatically adds http://www. and .net.
Alt+Home This key navigates the active window to your homepage.


The key navigates to the active window, back one step in the history.
This key navigates the active window forward one step in history.
Ctrl+D Key to add the active window to the favorites.
Ctrl+Enter This key automatically adds http://www. and .com.
Ctrl+F The shortcut key Shows the Find dialog for the active window.
Ctrl+L This key is to Show the Find dialog for opening a link.
Ctrl+N Key to open a new window.
Ctrl+O This key displays the “Open file” dialog box.
Ctrl+P Key to print the active window.
Ctrl+Q To quick search keywords in the address box.
Ctrl+S This key displays the Save as dialog box.
To select the next browser window.
This key is to select the previous browser window.
To close the active browser window, use this key.
Key to close all browser windows.
Ctrl+Click While holding the CTRL key, your new window will be opened in the background.

More General Shortcuts:


Shortcut key Function
Esc  To stop loading the active browser window use this key.
F1 Key shows the help file.
F3 This key is to find the next occurrence of a word or phrase on the current page.
F5 Key to refresh.
F6 To set focus to the address bar.
F7 This key shows the previous browser window.
F8 This key shows the next browser window.
F11 Toggles full-screen mode on/off shortcut key.
F12 Toggles full-desktop mode on/off shortcut key.
Shift+Esc This key is to stop all loading browser windows.


To refresh all browser windows, use this key
Shift+Click Press down the Shift key when opening a link, favorite, history recent, or address item, to open it in a new browser window.
Shift+Ctrl+Click Keep pressing down the Shift key when opening a link, favorite, history recent, or address item, to open it in a new browser window in the background.


In this article, we have discussed the Avant Browser Hotkeys. If you have any suggestions or queries about these articles, ask us in the comments section.





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