{30+} SimpleMind keyboard shortcut keys~{A List of Shortcut Keys}

SimpleMind: It is a mind mapping software. SimpleMind mainly works on multiple platforms including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Here we come up with a list of SimpleMind keyboard shortcut keys to make your work simpler.

SimpleMind Logo
SimpleMind Logo

Last updated on April 26, 2021.

Download SimpleMind Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: SimpleMind.pdf

General shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Tab It is used to add child topics.
Enter Helps to add a sibling topic.
Ctrl+L Use this key for the cross-link.
Ctrl+C It will copy the selected element.
Ctrl+X Helps to cut selected element.
Ctrl+V This key will paste.
Del It is used to delete.
Ctrl+E Helps to edit text.
Ctrl+N Use this key to edit notes.
Ctrl+Enter It is an OK button.
Esc Helps to cancel.
←↑→↓ This key will navigate between topics.
Ctrl+B It is used to bold font style for selected topics or labels.
Ctrl+I Use this key for italic font style for selected topics or labels.
Ctrl+U Helps to toggle underline font effect for selected topics or labels.
Ctrl+Z Used to undo.
Ctrl+Y This key will redo.
Ctrl+W It is used to apply default word wrap.

In this article, you can easily understand the SimpleMind keyboard shortcut keys. If you feel this article is useful to you, leave your feedback in the comment section.

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