{ 30+ } “Bloomberg Keyboard” Cheatsheets!!

Bloomberg Keyboard Cheatsheets:

In this short article, we are going to see Bloomberg Keyboard Cheatsheets. Use these amazing keys to make your work easier and quicker.

Bloomberg Keyboard
Bloomberg Keyboard

Last updated on Aug 13, 2020.

Download Bloomberg Keyboard Cheatsheets for Offline Study Here: Bloomberg Keyboard Cheatsheets.PDF

Keyboard Cheatsheets:

Shortcut Function
Go This is same as the Enter key
Used to go to the previous screen
PageBack It will scroll back in screens with multiple pages
PageFwd Used to scroll forward in screens with multiple pages
⌘ Cmd Each time you click Command, it will show the re-cap of the previously used function appears in the top left of the screen
Alt+K It will display a graphic of the Bloomberg keyboard
It will access various customization and ease of use settings
Print To print the current page
19thenPrint Used to type number of pages that you want to print
Help To open help
HelpthenHelp Used to make E-mail contact with a 24-hour help desk
Last Go Type Last and press Go to display a list of the last 8 functions assessed
STO Go Type STO and press Go to save the last security for pasting to another screen
RCL Go Type RCL and press Go to paste the last security to another screen
GRAB Go Type GRAB and press Go to save a screen to be sent via the message system
RMTC Go Type RMTC and press Go to allow a user to remotely run functions on another user’s screen
PSET Go Type PSET and press Go will allow you to set up multiple page printing
LAW Go Type LAW and press Go to display the Bloomberg Law menu
EASY Go Type EASY and press Go to see a list of all Bloomberg tips and shortcuts
HDSK Go Type HDSK and press Go to list all your historical questions and answers sent or received from the Bloomberg help desk
Stop Keys
Market Sector keys
Action Keys

In this short article, you can learn all Bloomberg Keyboard Cheatsheets. If this is helpful, kindly, share your feedback in the comment section.

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