{20+} Registry Editor Keyboard Shortcuts List !!

Keyboard shortcuts for Registry Editor:

In this article, we are going to see the simple keyboard shortcuts for the Registry Editor. The Registry is a system-defined database. You should not edit registry data, but if you have to modify it, you’ll probably use Windows Registry Editor.

Registry Editor Logo
Registry Editor Logo

Last updated on Oct 2, 2020.

Download Windows Registry Editor Shortcuts for Offline Study Here:

General Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+P It is used to print
Del This Shortcut key is used to delete
Ctrl+F Helps to find
F2 This shortcut key will be used to rename
F3 Used to find next
F5 This shortcut key is used to refresh
F6 It will move between the address bar, key, and value panes
F10 It is used to select the menu bar
Tab This key will move between the address bar, key, and value panes
orShift+F10 It is used to open the right-click menu. You can switch between panes with the tab key before using this shortcut
Num + It will expand the selected branch
Num – This shortcut key collapses the selected branch
Num * It is used to expand all subkeys of the selected branch (this will take a few seconds if there are many subkeys)

In the article, you will learn all the general keyboard shortcuts for Registry Editor. If the article is useful then leave feedback in the comment section.

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