[20+] Keyboard Shortcut Keys for OpenOffice.Org – {All Hotkeys}

OpenOffice. Org: The term OpenOffice. Org, commonly known as OpenOffice. It can read and write Microsoft Office files. Furthermore, it allows users to open and save Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on their platform. OpenOffice. Org is used to create large documents, reports, and books, and is simple, enough for a quick memo.

Additionally, you can use the following operators:

  • Arithmetic
  • Comparative
  • Descriptive
  • Text
  • Reference

In this article, you will learn shortcuts used in OpenOffice. Org. Use these shortcuts to save your working time.

OpenOffice. Org
OpenOffice. Org

Last Updated on Feb2, 2022.

General Shortcuts for OpenOffice. Org:

In the below table, you will learn shortcuts and their functions of OpenOffice. Org. Kindly use these shortcuts properly.

Shortcut Function
Enter This key is used to activate the focused button in the dialog.
Esc Used to terminate the action or dialog.
Space By pressing this key, you can toggle the focused checkbox in the dialog.
Arrow Keys Use this key to change the active control field in an option selection.
Tab Make use of this key to make advance focus to the next edition.
Del Press this key to delete the selected items into the recycle pin.
Backspace Use this key to go up one level.
Ctrl+O Used to open the document.
Ctrl+S It will help to save the current document.
Ctrl+P To print the document, you can use this key.
Ctrl+Q If you want to exit the application, use this shortcut.
Ctrl+Q Used to quit the application.
Ctrl+X It is used to cut out the selected elements.
Ctrl+A Press this key to select all.
Ctrl+Z This key is used to undo the last action.
Ctrl+Y Use this shortcut to redo the last action.
Ctrl+F In order to call the Find & Replace dialog, you can use this shortcut.
Ctrl+I It makes the italic attribute to the selected area.
Ctrl+B Used to make the bold attribute for the selected are in it.
Ctrl+U If you want to underline the attribute to the selected area, use this key.
Ctrl+Shift+V Use this key to open the past the special dialog.
Ctrl+Shift+J It will help you to toggle the view between full-screen mode and normal mode.
Ctrl+Shift+F In order to search for the last entered search item, you can use this key.


You can use these shortcuts for both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Make sure to use these shortcuts to save you working time.

From this article, you will learn Keyboard Shortcut Keys for OpenOffice. Org. Hope this article is helpful! If you have any feedback regarding this article, feel free to share us in the comment section. Thank You!!

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