15+ Toggl keyboard shortcut keys- A List of Shortcuts!!!

Toggl: It is a time tracking software. Toggl has desktop and mobile applications, in addition to online time tracking and reporting services. It tracks time based on projects and tasks. In this post, we will guide you to learn the simple Toggl keyboard shortcut keys. Let’s see them below!!

Toggl Logo
Toggl Logo

Last updated on April 26, 2021.

Download Toggl Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Toggl.pdf

Timer page shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
S Helps to stop currently running time entry.
N It shortcut key is used to switch to timer mode to create a new time entry and start the timer.
M This key will switch to manual mode to create a new time entry.
C It helps to continue the last time entry.

In this short article, we guided you to learn the Toggl keyboard shortcut keys easily. Hope you like this article. Hope that this article is useful to you. Share your feedback in the below comment section.

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