{15+} Lists of Tilda Keyboard Shortcuts !!

Keyboard Shortcuts for Tilda:

In this article, we will show you the list of Keyboard Shortcuts for Tilda. Tilda is a popular open-source terminal editor of the Unix Operating System. It has no border window and hidden until a hotkey pressed, so it is famous among the software developers.

Tilda Logo
Tilda Logo

Last updated on Oct 03, 2020.

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General Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F1 This shortcut key is used to pull down and pull up (Hidden or show) Tilda terminal window
Shift+Ctrl+T It is used to open a new tab
Shift+Ctrl+W Helps to close the active tab
Ctrl+Page Up It will go to the previous tab
Ctrl+Page Down Used to go to the next tab
Shift+Ctrl+Page Up This key will move the tab left
Shift+Ctrl+Page Down Helps to move the tab right
Alt+09 It will go to tab 1-10
Shift+Ctrl+C It is used to copy text from Tilda window
Shift+Ctrl+V Helps to past text in the terminal
F11 This shortcut key is used to toggle fullscreen
F12 It is used to Toggle transparency
Shift+Ctrl+F Helps to Search
Shift+Ctrl+Q This shortcut key will help to Quite Tilda terminal

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