{110+} List of Keyboard Shortcut Keys for NetHack Game

NetHack: NetHack is a video game originally released in 1987 with ASCII graphics. The last version which includes new gameplay features was NetHack 3.4.3 which was released in December 2003. On December 7, 2015, version 3.6.0 was released. NetHack is considered one of the oldest games still being developed. In this article, we will discuss the List of Keyboard Shortcut Keys for the NetHack Game. Let’s see them below!!

NetHack Logo
NetHack Logo

Last updated on June 07, 2021.

Download NetHack Shortcuts Offline Study Here: NetHack.pdf

Movement shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
K Helps to move up.
J It is used to move down.
H Use this key for the left movement.
L Helps with the right movement.
Y It is used for up-left.
U This key will up-right.
B Helps for down-left.
N It will down-left.
< Use this key for staircase up.
> Helps for staircase down.
_ It is used to travel.
Ctrl+T This key is used for teleport.
Alt+S Helps to sit down.
O It will open the door.
C Use this key to close the door.
S Helps to search secret doors / traps / monsters.
Alt+F It is used to force a lock.

Exploration shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
; Helps to identify the symbol.
: It is used to look around.
. Use this key to rest.
, Helps to pick up.
D It is used to drop single.
Shift+D This key will drop multi.
/ Helps to identify.
^ It will identify the trap.
\ Use this key to list discovered objects.

Magic shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Shift+Z Helps to cast the spell.
Q It is used to drink.
Z This key will zap the wand.
Alt+P Helps to pray.
Alt+D It is used to dip.
Alt+R Use this key to rub.
Alt+O Helps to offer.
R It will read scroll/book.
Alt+I This key will invoke.
Alt+T Helps to turn undead.
Alt+M It is used to special ability.
A Use this key to break the wand.

Other action shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
A Helps to use the item.
E It is used to eat.
P This key will pay.
Alt+W Helps to wipe.
Shift+E It will engrave.
Alt+C Use this key to chat.
Ctrl+D Helps to kick.
C It is used to name a monster.

Fighting shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
W Helps for wielding the weapon.
X It is used to change weapons.
Alt+E Use this key to view/raise skills.
T Helps to throw/shoot.
Shift+Q It is used to ready quiver.
F This key will fire quiver.

Inventory shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
I Helps for inventory.
Alt+A Use this key to adjust inventory.
) It is used to list weapons.
[ Helps to list armor.
= This key will list rings.
It is used to list amulet.
( Helps to list tools.
* Use this key to list equipment.
$ It will list gold.
+ Helps to list spells.

Clothing shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
W Helps to wear armor.
T It is used to take off the armor.
A This key will remove multi.
P Helps to put on ring/amulet.
R It will remove the ring/amulet.

Game options shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+X Helps with player info.
Shift+S It is used to save.
Alt+Q This key will quit.
Alt+A Helps to redo.
Ctrl+P It is used to repeat messages.
O Use this key for options.
@ Helps to toggle auto-pickup.
V It will display the version.
Shift+V This key will display history.
Shift+X Helps to explore mode.
? Use this key for the help menu.
& It is used to explain commands.
# Helps to extended commands.
#? This key will extend commands help.
Ctrl+R It will redraw the screen.
Ctrl+Z Used to suspend (Unix only).
! Helps to the boss key (Shell).

Command aliases shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
H Use this key for ? (help menu).
J Helps to #jump.
K It is used to ctrl + d (kick).
L This key will #loot.
N Helps to #name.
U It is used to #untrap.

In this short tutorial, we describe the List of Keyboard Shortcut Keys for the NetHack Game. Hope that this article is useful to you. If you have any suggestions, don’t forget to drop them in the below section.

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