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AI War Classic: Fleet Command is a real-time strategy computer game created by independent developer Arcen Games. AI War blends the 4X, tower defense, and traditional RTS genre to create something that was hailed as unique but with a steep learning curve. This page will describe the list of Keyboard shortcut keys for the AI War Classic Game. Let’s get into this article!!

AI War Classic Logo
AI War Classic Logo

Last updated on May 28, 2021.

Download AI War Classic Shortcuts for  Offline Study Here: AI War Classic.pdf

General shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Tab Helps to Toggle Galaxy view.
H It is used for the Center on friendly forces on a current planet.
P Use this key to pause.
Ctrl Helps to (hold) Show names of all planets in Galaxy View.
Ctrl It is used to (hold) show movement paths for all allied ships.
Shift(hold) This key will show movement paths for all selected ships.
Shift Used as a (hold) Double pan speed.
Shift Helps to (hold) (Galaxy Map) Show wormhole paths for all selected ships.
Shift It is used to (hold) (Galaxy Map, Hover Over Planet) Show links to all adjacent planets.
Z Use this key to (hold) show the range of all selected units, and/or units under the mouse cursor.
Z Helps to (hold) ships with the cursor over them show filled range, others just border.
Z+X It will (hold) Show all enemy ranges in addition to the above.
A This key will (hold) show a selection circle around all on-screen ships.
I Helps to (hold) Show hit percent and damage for all selected ships, and/or units under the mouse cursor.
G It is used to (hold) Ship movement commands issued while this is held will use Group Move.
G Use this key to (hold) (Group Mode Already On) Ship movement commands will use Lone Move.
F Helps to create a Flare.
~ It is used to go to the most recent flare.
Enter This key will open the chat window.
or Backspace
Helps to scrap selected units.
Esc Use this key If in Galaxy View, return to the main game display.
Esc It is used If in Main View, bring up the in-game menu (does not pause).
Space Helps for Center display on selected units.
Space This key will (hold) Follow selected units with the display.
F2 Used to show/hide score display.
+ Helps to increase game simulation speed.
Use this key to decrease game simulation speed.
/ It is used to Decrease/Increase skipped frames per drawn frame on the local machine.

View shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Q Use this key for No Zoom.
W Helps for Mid-Zoom 1.
E It is used for Mid-Zoom 2.
R This key is used for Farthest Zoom.
Page Up Helps to Zoom In (centers on mouse cursor).
Page Down It will Zoom Out.
←↑→↓ Use this key for the Pan the view.

Control groups shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+09 Helps to Set control group.
It is used to add to the existing control group.
09 Use this key to Select-control group ships at the current planet (switches to other planets if none at current. Never selects ships from more than one planet at a time).
Shift+09 Helps to Select-control group ships at the current planet in addition to current selected.
09 This key will (Double) Select-control group ships, as above, but also center view on them.
09 It is used to (Triple) Select-control group ships on the next planet that has them.

Mouse shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Helps to select unit (deselects prior selected).
Use this key to (ship placement mode) set the position of ship-to-build.
+ It is used to select multiple units (deselects prior selected).
Shift+ Helps to select unit (adds to prior selected).
Shift+ This key will (build button) queue 5 ships instead of 1
Shift+ It will (ship placement mode) set position and stay in mode.
Ctrl+ Helps to (on wormhole) send view through the wormhole.
Ctrl+ Use this key to (build button) queue 50 ships instead of 1.
Shift+ + It is used to select multiple units (adds to prior selected).
Helps to select all units of the same type on-screen group.
Alt+ This AI was shortcut key is used for deselecting the unit.
(on It is used to (item in build queue) send the item to the front of the queue.
Alt+ + Helps to deselect multiple units.
Alt+ Use this key to deselect all units of the same type on-screen group.
It is used to selected units move to the target location.
Helps the selected units attack the target enemy.
This key will (build button) dequeue ship of clicked type.
Used to (galaxy map) send selected units to the clicked planet.
Helps to (ship placement mode) exit ship placement mode.
Shift+ Use this key to (build button) dequeue 5 ships instead of 1.
Shift+ It is used for selected units to add target locations to their waypoints.
Shift+ Helps to (galaxy map) add wormhole path to the end of the current path of all selected units.
Ctrl+ This key will (on wormhole) send selected units through the wormhole.
Ctrl+ It is used to (build button) dequeue 50 ships instead of 1.
Alt+ Helps to (on empty space) attack-move.
Alt+ Use this key to (on the enemy) kill the enemy, then attack-move.
Alt+ It will (on the item in the build queue) send the item to the back of the queue.
V+ Helps to (on empty space) enter free-roaming defender mode.
V+ This key will (on an enemy) kill the enemy, then be the free-roaming defender.
X+ It is used to (on the capturable enemy on the player planet) kill the enemy.
Helps to Zoom in and out (zooming in centers on mouse cursor).
Shift+ Used to Zoom in and out at double speed.

Ship selection shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
B It is used to Command Stations and Mobile Builders.
S Helps for Science Labs.
. Use this key as engineers.
D It is used for Docks and Advanced Factories.
T Helps for Starship Constructors.
U This key for Starships.
O It is used as Scouts.
, Helps to select the next idle mobile military unit at the current planet and center on it.
Shift+, Use this key to select all idle mobile military units on the current planet.
Ctrl+, It is used to select all military units (idle or not) on the current planet.
L Helps to select half of the currently selected units (rounding upper ship type).

Object viewing shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
/ Use this for Wormholes.
C Helps to Crystal Deposits.
M It is used as an Energy Capsules (Where Metal Harvesters Are Built).

Minimap shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F5 Helps to (hold)  Show military ships only.
F6 This key will (hold)  Show wormholes and resources only.
F7 It is used to (hold)  Show enemy ships only.

Galaxy Map shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Alt+19 Use this key to select priority-setting mode 0-9.
F Helps to create a Flare.
N It is used to Display Mode Normal.
Q This key will Display ModeMy Ships.
A Helps to Display Modelled Ships.
E It will Display ModeMy And Allied Ships.
R Use this key to Display ModeResources Used.
M Helps to Display ModeMetal Used.
C It is used to Display ModeCrystal Used.
K This key will Display ModeKnowledge Found.
S Helps to Display ModeMy Science Labs.
O It will Display ModeScouts.
L Use this key to Display ModeLast Scouted.
U Helps to Display ModeStarships.
T It is used to Display ModeStarship Constructors.
D This key will Display ModeAll Constructors.
I Helps to Display ModeIncoming Waves.
W It will Display ModeHostile Wormholes.

Debug info shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
F1 Helps Toggle turn length (ms) display.
F3 It is used to Write/clear Debug Info.
Ctrl+Shift+F5 This key will Write the UnitTypeStrength.txt file, which can be useful for relative strength analysis.
I Used to (hold/while debugging on)  Show the last target search cycle for each unit on-screen.

From this tutorial, we will guide you to learn the simple and useful keyboard shortcut keys for AI War Classic Game. Hope that this article is useful to you. If you have any suggestions, don’t forget to share them with us.

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