{10+} List of Listary Keyboard Shortcuts !!

In this article, we will show the complete list of Keyboard Shortcuts for Listary. Listary is a search utility for Windows that makes finding your files and launching applications. It has both free and paid versions. Let’s get into this article!!

Listary 5.0 Logo
Listary Logo

Last updated on Oct 07, 2020.

Download Listary  Shortcuts for Offline Study Here: Listary.PDF

Global Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl then Ctrl This key is used to show or hide listary
Win+F It is used to show the Listary toolbar
Ctrl+N It goes to the next item
Ctrl+P This key will show the previous item
Ctrl+O It helps to take actions

On Listary Shortcuts:

Shortcut Function
Ctrl+Enter This key will open the folder
Alt+S It is used to shows the send to option
Ctrl+C Helps to copy
Ctrl+Shift+C It is used as a copy path to the clipboard
Alt+O This key will show the open with option

From this article, you will learn some general Keyboard Shortcuts for Listary. If you know additional shortcuts, then leave it in the below comment section.

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